Before your operation

Admission to hospital

We will send you the admission details of your operation, pending a satisfactory pre-operation health check.

Pre-operation health check

A week or two prior to operation, you will need to attend for preoperative health check, including blood tests at the Nuffield Chesterfield hospital. A nurse practitioner will undertake blood tests and perform health checks. If you are found to have a medical problem e.g. high blood pressure, your operation may be postponed until this has been treated by your family doctor or specialist.

The Nuffield Hospital will charge you for the pre-operative health check-up if you decide not to go ahead with your operation. The amount varies from ?400 - ?600.

If you are unwell before your operation

If you are unwell with an infection e.g. cold, flu, tooth abscess, urinary tract infection, skin infection in the weeks prior to your planned operation, you should contact Mrs Overton. Under these circumstances, you may require antibiotic treatment and your operation may need to be delayed.