BUPA patients

Can I see Mrs Overton if I am insured with BUPA?

Yes. Mrs Overton is BUPA recognized, but not BUPA assured. This means that you may have to pay the difference between the amount paid by BUPA and the fee charged.

When you contact BUPA, you should quote my provider number which is:

Mrs Caroline Overton, BUPA provider number 03249680.

What does it mean if Mrs Overton is not fee-assured?

That term fee assured means that the insurance company has placed limits on the amount of money that they will pay out for individual claims. Fee-assured doctors have agreed to the fees set by the medical insurer.

How much the health insurer will reimburse, will depend on your insurance company and type of policy. All the insurance companies reimburse different amounts. Most companies have not increased consultant fees since 1995 and over the past five years have introduced reductions. During the same period, the cost of running a private medical practice has increased by 35%.

Mrs Overton has set her fees at the level that allows her to continue to provide first-class care. Her fees cover your appointment, room rental, rental of the ultrasound machine and the back-up of professional medical secretaries Maxine Taylor and Sharon Barnett.

Mrs Overton is not fee-assured which means that you may be asked to pay the difference between the level paid by the insurer and the fee charged. This difference is termed the shortfall or excess fee.