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Paying for yourself

Mrs Caroline Overton’s consultation charges (including all hospital fees)

Consultation or procedure Mrs Overton's fee Hospital fee
New consultation (30 minutes) £225 (includes the hospital fee) £0
Follow-up consultation (20 minutes) £150 (includes the hospital fee) £0
Post-operation consultation fee (20 minutes) £200 (includes the hospital fee) £0
Ultrasound scan £200 (includes the hospital fee) £0
Telephone private prescription £30 £0
Cervical smear (cytology & HPV testing) Included within the appointment fee £88
Combined chlamydia & gonorrhoea testing Included within the appointment fee £99
Hormone blood test (FSH, LH, prolactin and estradiol) £0 £99
Endometrial biopsy Q2020 £180 £340
Removal of cervical polyp £180 £135
Fitting of a Mirena IUS in the Outpatient clinic £300 £255
Fitting of a pessary for prolapse Included within the appointment fee £45 for the pessary

Other charges

Any other tests carried out, for example, blood tests, x-rays, MRI, CT scan, items dispensed from the Hospital pharmacy, will be charged separately to you or your private health insurer. The fees are determined by the hospital. If the cost is not covered by your private health insurer, it becomes your responsibility to pay.

Please ask at the time, so that you are not faced with an unexpected charge.

Payment information for Nuffield Health Chesterfield Hospital

Spire Bristol Hospital payment page

If you need an operation

If you are paying for yourself, you can decide when it is the best time for you to have your operation, while knowing exactly how much it is going to cost. Should you wish to consider this option, Mrs Overton recommends that you have a fixed price quote. 

This fixed price quote covers the hospital, surgical, anaesthetic and post-operative fees. It includes the pre-operative assessment, operating theatre, consumables, drugs and dressings, nursing care, inpatient physiotherapy, xrays, scans, blood tests, hospital accommodation and meals.

The Nuffield Hospital will charge you for the pre-operative health check-up if you decide not to go ahead with your operation. The amount varies from £400 to £600.

What happens before your operation.

How much will an operation cost?

Example: Laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis Q3800

Item Cost
Staying in hospital In the region of £2,627
Mrs Overton's surgical fee including post-operative check-up(s) £1,170
Consultant anaesthetist fee £265

Example: Hysteroscopic removal of submucous fibroid Q1802

Item Cost
Staying in hospital In the region of £1,688
Mrs Overton's surgical fee including post-operative check-up(s) £1,265
Consultant anaesthetist fee £265

Prices correct February 2020 but may change.

What the cost covers

Mrs Overton's surgical fee includes the operation, her surgical assistant, pre- and post-operative visits in hospital and the clinic follow-up appointment. Mrs Overton's and the Consultant Anaesthetist's fees cover your hospital stay and the 30 days post-operatively.

It does not cover telephone calls or meals for friends and family while you are staying in hospital.

How to pay

Your consultation

From 1 June 2018, Mrs Overton would like payment for your consultation and/or a pre-booked ultrasound scan 24 hours before the appointment.

Payment can be taken over the phone by credit or debit card when booking or confirming the appointment.

There is no charge for using your credit card.

You can pay on the day by cheque to the Bristol Women's Clinic Ltd or cash (correct amount please in an envelope marked with your name and date of the appointment).

Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer to:

  • Sort code 30-84-04
  • Account number 47632060
  • Bristol Women's Clinic Ltd
  • Lloyds Bank

If required:

  • IBAN GB50Loyd30840447632060
  • SWIFT/BIC LoydGB21743

Please use your name or the invoice number on the bill so that Mrs Overton can identify your payment.

If you need additional tests or treatment during your consultation, these will be billed after the appointment.

Please note that Mrs Overton?s bill will not have been paid by the debit or credit card provided to the Nuffield receptionist as part of the Nuffield booking process. This process is separate to Mrs Overton?s office and your card details are not passed on.

How to pay if you are claiming through your insurance

If you are paying through your insurance, please obtain authorization from your Health Insurer who can outline the terms of your policy and cover available. Please give your membership number and authorization number to Maxine or Sharon in the office when booking the appointment or Mrs Overton on the day.

The authorization number enables Mrs Overton to submit claims relating to your treatment direct to your private medical insurer. Mrs Overton's charges are generally met by the private medical insurance. However, there are many different policies and it is essential that you know what your health insurance provides in terms of cover.

Please note that you are responsible for any fees not covered by your insurer.