Clinics and contact details

Contact details

Personal assistant Maxine Taylor

Telephone: 0117 906 4887


Hospital addresses

St Michael’s Hospital
Southwell Street, Bristol BS2 8EG
St Michael's Hospital map

Nuffield Chesterfield Hospital
Nuffield Chesterfield Hospital, 3 Clifton Hill, Bristol BS8 1BP
Nuffield Chesterfield Hospital map

Spire Bristol Hospital
The Glen, Redland Hill, Durdham Down, Bristol BS6 6UT
Spire Bristol Hospital map

Car parking

Find out where to park your car if you are attending an appointment at either the Nuffield Chesterfield or Spire Bristol Hospital.

Weekly timetable

  • Consulting and operating weekly at St Michael's University Hospital
  • Consulting weekly at Nuffield Chesterfield.
  • Operations offered at Nuffield Chesterfield and Spire Bristol Hospital.

I’d like to make an appointment to see Mrs Overton privately. Do I need a GP referral?

If you are insured, you will need to have a GP referral in order to be able to make a claim.  Check with the insurance company first.  Remember to have your membership number ready when you phone and your insurance company will check your cover and give you an authorization number.  Mrs Overton is a BUPA assured consultant.

If you decide not to claim on your insurance, then you can just phone up and make yourself an appointment. Private consultation charges.

If you are paying for yourself, then a GP referral is not always necessary, and you can just phone to make an appointment. Private consultation charges.