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I have written several books on reproductive (fertility) medicine and surgery, laparoscopic surgery and endometriosis.

Good Clinical Practice in Assisted Reproduction
Cambridge University Press, 2004
A user-friendly, practical guide giving an excellent introduction to good clinical practice in the investigation and treatment of infertility for doctors, embryologists, and nurses.
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Atlas of Endometriosis
Informa Healthcare (3rd Edition), 2006
This Atlas provides a useful educational tool for trainees and general obstetricians and gynaecologists who may not be up to date with the most important recent research on the diagnosis and management of the condition.
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Infertility the Facts
Oxford University Press, 2008
This book provides current information and practical advice on the underlying causes, diagnosis and management of infertility in a clear and concise style that is accessible to patients.

"Such a helpful book, I read it in one evening and couldn't put it down! I really enjoyed reading this book, despite it covering such an emotive topic. It was informative, sensitive, and even comical at times! It covers all aspects of infertility, even surrogacy and adoption. I would definitely recommend it."

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Popular press articles

BBC News 13th September 2019

Mrs Caroline Overton commented as consultant gynaecologist and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. She said more research was needed to work out what happened in the longer term.? "It is important to note that both supracervical hysterectomy and endometrial ablation are generally safe procedures, but women should always consider nonsurgical treatment options first." Taking the hormone contraceptive pill or using an intrauterine system (IUS) can also be highly effective.

Mrs Overton comments that it is important for women and clinicians to consider the main symptoms being experienced when exploring surgical options.

The Telegraph Monday 19th August 2019

How a Bake Off winner shed light on the monthly torture of PMDD

Mrs Overton points out that PMDD's similarity to other mental health conditions can also delay diagnosis. Women sadly often wait a long time for a diagnosis due to a number of the symptoms mimicking other conditions, including premenstrual syndrome, depression and bipolar disorder, she says. It is still not yet known what causes PMDD but one line of thought is that it may be a reaction to the hormonal changes that happen with each menstrual cycle. The hormone changes can result in a serotonin deficiency, a naturally-occurring chemical that narrows blood vessels and can affect mood and produce physical symptoms. 18th July 2019

Mrs Overton provides expert comment as consultant gynaecologist and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Hormones are the body's chemical messengers and coordinate some of our most complex functions.

"Women with PCOS have high oestrogen and testosterone levels," says Mrs Caroline Overton. To diagnose PCOS, your doctor will look at your symptoms and run several tests. PCOS typically causes irregular periods; other common symptoms include weight gain and unwanted hair growth. Cysts can be seen via an ultrasound, while blood tests look for an excess of androgen hormones.

"Premenstrual syndrome is caused by an imbalance of female hormones and a progesterone dominance in the days before the period."
"The combined hormonal contraceptive pill can correct many of the gynaecological hormone imbalances," points out Overton. "It can help reduce the symptoms of PCOS and regulate irregular periods as well as providing contraception. It can also balance hormones in premenstrual syndrome and in the perimenopause."

The Independent 12th July 2019

How to clean your vulva correctly: Goodbye wipes, 'feminine' soaps and douches

The Independent

Mrs Caroline Overton warns that water alone and some soap products can have a drying effect on the skin for some women. Washing with water can causes dry skin and can make the delicate vulva feel more uncomfortable, she explains. Dr Overton suggests women use aqueous or Epaderm cream as an alternative to soap. These are safe to use frequently and long-term if needed.

17th June 2019 Life and Style in The Guardian

Five ways to cope with menstrual cramps

From ginger to gentle exercise or over-the-counter painkillers, gynaecology experts advise on how to alleviate pain. Menstrual cramps happen when the womb's muscular wall tightens to encourage its lining to shed, says Mrs Caroline Overton.

The pain sensation is due to the contraction of the wall compressing blood vessels, which temporarily cuts off the blood supply, and thus oxygen, to the womb.

Mrs Overton stresses that periods should not regularly interfere with everyday life or work. If you are having to change the way you dress, miss work or social activities and plan your life around your periods, then your periods are not normal.

14th June 2019 RoyalCollegeObsGyn on Twitter

Dr Caroline Overton consultant gynaecologist, offers some top tips for women with physical disabilities who are preparing to book their #smeartest #cervical screening 1139460466634346496?s=12
This week we have seen that there are many barriers in the way of women booking their #smeartest
For the physically disabled preparing for their first test, or returning from a difficult previous experience, it can seem impossible. Mrs Caroline Overton reassures women that there are options available.

Women's health 2nd May 2019

What You Need to Know about PMDD: The Menstrual Disorder That Affects 1 in 20

When your PMS has life-ruining properties
By Lauren Brown

Caroline Overton, Consultant Gynaecologist and Spokespersfon for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says:

'Women sadly often wait a long time for a diagnosis due to a number of the symptoms mimicking other conditions, including premenstrual syndrome, depression and bipolar disorder.

'Part of the process of diagnosis includes keeping a detailed record of symptoms. GPs will provide daily questionnaires that should be completed for at least two months to try to observe a pattern.'

4 signs of endometriosis women should never ignore

Many women put up with these symptoms for years, not realising the damage they are doing to their health and fertility. Here's your need-to-know guide on the signs of endometriosis. Endometriosis explained video and guide by Caroline.

Bristol Magazine October 2017

Helping women through all life stages.

Your body is amazing. No other working machine in our lives receives so little attention but runs for years and years. Mrs Caroline Overton, a Consultant Gynaecologist at Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital, offers some simple women's health tips that will help you keep your body in good working condition, whatever your age.

Endometriosis - Suffering in silence for Practice Business Magazine

January/February 2016
Editorial written by Alice Sholl

Mrs Caroline Overton comments as Gynaecologist and expert in endometriosis.The article focusses on the lack of recognition that endometriosis receives in primary care, aiming to educate practice managers and inform them how to better provide for sufferers in their GP practices.

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Sky Television The secret guide to Women's Health, November 2010
A ten-part studio-based series produced by Tern Television for Sky Real Lives called 'The Secret Guide to Women's Health'. Caroline was nominated by Endometriosis UK as an expert on Endometriosis and involved in the studio discussion with host Coleen Nolan and resident GP, Dr Rosemary Leonard.
The series was so popular that it has been repeated on the Sky living channel 24th March 2011


Endometriosis for NHS Choices, 2010.

Patient information

All written by Caroline Overton, unless stated.

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